Navigating Heat Emergencies

The attached brochure was introduced to the Resilient Diamond Heights workgroup in May. While San Francisco often experiences heat emergencies in September, the event in June 2019 prompted the release of this information now.

Many San Francisco homes lack air conditioning. The emergency becomes worse when the nighttime temperature fails to drop below 75 degrees, and the daytime temperatures exceed 80 degrees. This is the exact contention that has occurred between June 9 and 11.

NOTE: This PDF is a “print view”, meaning that the first page is pages 4 and 1 and the second page is pages 2 and 3. If you choose to print a paper version, use “print both sides” with turning on the short side.


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Marcus Ponce

Joined CCOP:  2017


  • Senior Patroller – Patrol Division

CCOP Awards / Recognition:

  • Promoted to Senior Patroller (SPtlr.) 03/2019

Bio coming soon

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Join Us @ STRUT For A FREE Community Self-Defense Class on 04/23 @ 7 PM

Join us for another Queer Community Self Defense Class from the Castro Community On Patrol!
This Class is free but fills up quickly we highly recommend registering and securing a spot.
In association with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation STRUT, and Community Patrol Service USA (CPS) invites you to pre-register for our very popular Beginners Community Self-Defense class on April 23 at STRUT, 470 Castro Street, 94114.
Space is limited so only the first 20 registrants will be able to participate. Please pre-register soon, but also be sure to let us know if you plans change so we can offer open spaces to other possible attendees.
The class is a very low impact presentation of some very basic, but extremely useful and valuable self-defense concepts taught by Grand Master Ken Craig. We have provided this same class on many occasions in the past to packed classes and rave reviews. This class in one of many community efforts to improve safety and security in the neighborhood and provide residents with valuable information and options to improve their own general safety when out and about throughout the city.
There will be periods of standing and moving, as well as working with other people as part of the practical class exercises. We can make necessary accommodations for special needs, but please let us know if a sign language interpreter is needed at least a month prior to the class.
Grand Master Ken Craig who will lead the class holds 9th Degree black belt ranks in HapMoosaKi-Do and YongChul-Do and an 8th Degree black belt rank in TaeKwon-Do. He founded and ran Triangle Martial Arts Association in the heart of the Castro for over fifteen years. He is one of the founders and the only remaining original member of Castro Community On Patrol ( and currently serves as their Deputy Chief and Director of volunteer training, certification and emergency services liaison. He also serves as Outreach Coordinator for the SFPD Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) and is Chief of Community Patrol Service USA which publishes a monthly Crime Activity Report for the Castro / Duboce Triangle neighborhood among other things. Ken also chairs the SFPD LGBT Community Advisory Forum, and sits on the SFDA LGBT Steering Committee, and is a member of the International Police Association, the FBI Citizens Academy San Francisco Chapter, and the CA Disaster Corps and CA Medical Reserve Corps.
This class is always popular and spaces fill up fast, so we strongly recommend pre-registering EARLY.
If you have questions about CCOP please contact Ken Craig at
Questons about Strut events? Contact our Strut community organizer Baruch Porras Hernandez
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Trial Underway In Murder of Steven “Eriq” Escalon

The trial of murder defendant James Rickleffs has begun. Rickleffs is accused of murdering Steven “Eriq” Escalon six and a half years ago after they met for the first time at 440 Castro bar.

Read more in the Bay Times:

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SF PRIDE 2018 – Some Safety Reminders For A Safe & Joyous Pride Celebration


We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, fun, and memorable San Francisco PRIDE 2018.

Around one Million people will swell San Francisco over this weekend to celebrate Pride, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality, culminating in the annual San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday 06/24/2018.  Whether you are out clubbing, sight-seeing, walking in the Parade or simply spectating, we’d like to offer some basic safety reminders that are important at ANY time of the year, but they are particularly relevant at this time of year.

  • Try to “buddy up” when going to, and from, events. There is greater safety in numbers. If you don’t have anyone available to go with, then consider using car services such as taxi’s, Uber, Lyft, Homobiles and so on.  Better to pay for a safe ride to and from an event, than pay in injuries or worse.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at ALL TIMES no matter where you are.  If something doesn’t seem right, look right, smell right, appear right, then avoid it or run away from it if necessary.
  • DON’T take ALL of your worldly possessions out to party with you.  Just take what you absolutely need i.e. your ID, one credit card, and some back-up cash.  The less you have with you, the less you can lose no matter how that loss occurs.
  • Have FUN, but don’t get so inebriated with any substance that your guard and defenses are weakened and you become an easy target.  If that is “your thing” do it in the safety of your home, or be sure you have some good buddies with you to make sure you get safety back home.
  • If you are lucky enough to meet a “hot trick” this weekend, snap a photo of them and send it to a trusted ‘buddy” letting them know where you’re going and when you’ll contact them to let them know you’re ok (plus all the gory details of the encounter.) If you go to a new strangers home or hotel, send you “buddy” those details also.  Do the same for your “buddy” and everyone should be just a little safer out there.
  • If you have a vehicle, or if you’re planning on driving to events over this weekend, please DON’T leave ANYTHING of value in your vehicle you’re not willing to lose if someone break in.  It’s best to leave NOTHING at all in your vehicle.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid getting into verbal arguments with ANYONE. They can quickly escalate to physical fights and that could totally ruin your whole fabulous weekend.  Walk away, say sorry, do anything you can to de-escalate any situations so you can enjoy the weekend.
  • Text PRIDESF to 888-777 to receive alerts from the ALERTSF sytem over Pride weekend.
  • If you see ANYTHING suspicious or a crime in progress, call 911 right away.  Don’t presume “someone” else will call.  Your call could literally save a life.
  • You can also provide anonymous tips to SFPD by calling 415-575-4444.
  • Check out some SFPD safety information here

From your friends at Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP). Proudly serving the community since 2006.  Please feel free to share this as widely as possible with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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Safe Clubbing Campaign

Castro Patrol, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) have teamed up through the LGBT/SFPD Chief’s Forum to introduce a “Safe Clubbing” campaign. The project will continue throughout the summer of 2018. Most clubs and bars in the Castro and SOMA now display the new “Safe Clubbing” poster which visually ties to the pocket-sized flyer “Clubber’s Guide to Safety”. The safety tips help visitors and locals to become more aware of their own personal safety. You can view the contents of the flyer: Here.

If you want printed copies of the poster or flyers to distribute at your business or through your organization, e-mail

  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Take Care of Your Friends
  • Take Care of Your Community
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2017 CCOP 11th Anniversary Award Recipients

Each year as CCOP celebrates our anniversary, we are proud to recognize members of the general community who contribute significantly to public safety in many different ways, as well as recognizing the considerable efforts of our own Patrollers.  November of 2017 represented our 11th anniversary, but busy schedules delayed our awards event until January of 2018.

CCOP is proud to recognize the following individuals and present the following awards:



Officer John Fitzinger, San Francisco Patrol Special Police #2655.  Posthumously awarded for outstanding service and support to the Castro as a Patrol Special Police Officer from 2002 to 2017.




Officer Antjuan Taswell, San Francisco Patrol Special Police #2609, for services to the Castro from 2008 to date.







Officer Thomas Jones, San Francisco Patrol Special Police #2695, for services to the Castro from 2009 to date.






Officer Rakesh Shankar, San Francisco Patrol Special Police #2581, for services to the Castro from 2006 to date.






Officer Cody Clements, San Francisco Patrol Special Police #2511, for services to the Castro.




Ptlr. Neil Fullagar, CCOP


Patroller Neil Fullagar, CSG 2017, BoA.  Neil has been incredibly supportive in his role with our Board of Advisors, and in general patrolling and support duties.  Neil has shown a commitment and dedication to CCOP and the community well above and beyond that expected or required.






Patroller Alexander Upchurch, CSG 2016 and 2014. Alex has shown incredible dedication and support of CCOP and amassed the most Patrols of any non-Chief throughout the 2017 period.







Patroller  Nicole Macias. For outstanding support to CCOP and the community throughout 2017.





Patroller Dan Cooney. For outstanding support to CCOP and the community throughout 2017.






Patroller Stephanie Ong.  For outstanding support to CCOP and the community.






We greatly appreciate the efforts of ALL CCOP Patrollers who have contributed throughout 2017 to help us, help the community in tangible and effective ways.

2017 CCOP Anniversary Awards


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2017 CCOP Round-Up

Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) is formed around the internationally recognized Community/Citizens On Patrol Service (COPS) model.  All CCOP Patrollers are unpaid volunteers who serve as additional “eyes and ears” for law enforcement.  In this volunteer role we enjoy a very close working relationship with city government, law enforcement, community groups, businesses and residents within the Castro and Duboce Triangle area in which we patrol.

Our goal is to promote and enhance the security and safety of the Castro and Duboce Triangle neighborhood through volunteer patrols, educational outreach, support of local efforts and through a close liaison with our law enforcement partners.

Our mission is to create a safer neighborhood for those who live in, work in, or visit the neighborhood. CCOP volunteers patrol the neighborhood and create a visible safety presence. Patrol volunteers note and report violent and property crimes, as well as conditions conducive to that kind of crime, and also educate the public about safety issues in the community.

CCOP Patrollers enjoying a moment with Santa and his helper Elf

In 2017 we provided at least 891 hours of community service, and since we began recording such figures in 2011 we have provided at least 8,619 hours of service in total to the Castro and Duboce Triangle Communities.

At the close of 2017 we had 19 ACTIVE Patrol volunteers and 14 INACTIVE (i.e. they have not patrolled in two months or more.)  Thus we have a total of 33 Patrollers on our books, but in reality only 19 are regularly patrolling.  We would love to increase our number of active Patrollers to at least 100, as we could do so much more for the community if we had more active volunteers.  If you’d like to help out, sign up for our next volunteer training class on Saturday January 20th using the SIGN UP NOW link.

We were able to deploy a total of 54 regular and special event patrols throughout 2017 which were staffed by a total of 128 Patrollers.  Many of our Patrollers volunteer for  one 3 hour patrol each month, the minimum we request of all volunteers.  A few however consistently provide more than the minimum and warrant our thanks and a “mention in dispatches” as follows:

  • Ptlr. Dan Cooney with 15 patrols
  • Ptlr. Neil Fullagar with 15 patrols
  • Ptlr. Nicole Macias with 15 patrols
  • Ptlr. Stephanie Ong with 15 patrols
  • Ptlr. Alexander Upchurch with 19 patrols

CCOP Ptlr. Nicole Macias at the 2017 Castro Street Fair.

Our Chiefs of Patrol all regularly contribute much more than the standard expected 12 patrols per year.

We supported a total of 31 special event patrols in support of the community at large including:

  • FREE Community Self-Defense classes at STRUT
  • “March of the Peaceful Penguins” protest by the students of Harvey Milk Academy
  • Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence “Easter In The Park”
  • Harvey Milk Day Observations
  • Gilbert Baker Memorial
  • Pulse Nightclub Memorial
  • Safety monitoring for the rally and march against the Whitehouse Transgender ban
  • Castro Street Fair
  • Patrol Special Police Officer John Fitzinger Memorial
  • “Santa Skivvies Run” fundraiser
  • AIDS Emergency Fund Holiday Dinner event

Santa Skivvies Run in Castro

Throughout 2017 we supported other groups and agencies, by attending and supporting the following community efforts on a regular basis:

  • International Police Association
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Citizens Academy Alumni
  • State of California Disaster Corps
  • San Francisco District Attorney’s LGBT Focus Group
  • San Francisco Police Department LGBT Community Advisory Forum
  • San Francisco Police Department Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT)
  • San Francisco Police Department Mission Station Captains Monthly meetings
  • San Francisco Fire Department Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)
  • Castro Business Watch (CBW)
  • Castro Merchants
  • Castro Cares
  • Upper Market Alliance meetings

Thank you for your support in 2017. We look forward to continuing to work on behalf of the community in 2018 and beyond.


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Ptlr. Fullagar Exceeds 100 Patrols For CCOP

It is with great pleasure and sincere gratitude that CCOP recognizes Patroller Neil Fullagar, also a member of our Board of Advisors, who has exceeded the 100 patrol credits mark this year!  It is quite an achievement, and a strong indication of Ptlr. Fullagar’s dedication to CCOP and our mission.  Only five other CCOP personnel have exceeded the 100 patrol credits mark to date as follows:

  • Chief Greg Carey currently holds 812 credits
  • Deputy Chief Ken Craig currently holds 807 credits
  • Deputy Chief Brian Hill currently holds 309 credits
  • Assistant Deputy Chief Kyle Wong currently holds 136 credits
  • Senior Patroller Alexander Upchurch currently holds 151 credits

Ptlr. Neil Fullagar, CCOP

CCOP Outstanding Volunteer Commendation Bar


In recognition of this 100 patrol credits milestone, Ptlr. Fullagar will be presented with the CCOP Outstanding Volunteer Commendation pin and certificate during our next monthly volunteer meeting in January of 2018.

Please take a moment to congratulate Ptlr. Fullager when you next see him.  We could not do, all we accomplish for the community, without the dedication and support of volunteers such as Ptlr. Fullagar and you.

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Holiday Season Kicks Off In The Castro

CCOP was proud to assist the Holiday season traditional “Kick Off” events in the Castro with the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony first, followed immediately afterward by the annual Harvey Milk Memorial candle light march.  We handed out 300 FREE safety whistles during both events.

The Christmas tree on Castro Street @ 18th Street.

CCOP Patrollers worked with SFPD to keep attendees and traffic safe.

CCOP Patrollers enjoying a moment with Santa and his helper Elf

Speeches at Harvey Milk Plaza before the march.

SFPD and CCOP cleared the lane on Castro Street for the march

The 2017 Harvey Milk Candle light memorial march.

At Harvey Milk’s former camera store on Castro Street


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