Street Wise Self-Defense Seminar @ MCC on 10/19

CCOP is working with the Metropolitan Community Church to present a community Self-Defense Seminar at the church on Saturday October 19 from 1pm to 5pm.

Many people in the community are concerned with rising crime and increasing reports of people being assaulted for their smart phones and valuables.  A little more awareness, and some forethought about what your options are when faced with a difficult situation can make all the difference, and this self-defense seminar will offer some invaluable information and insights.

A class attendee practices a self-defense technique

A class attendee practices a self-defense technique

The seminar is open to anyone 18 years of age or older (no upper age limit) and is designed to be low impact, fun, information packed, easily accessible and suitable for everyone.

The seminar will cover important topics such as:

  • Self-defense versus defending yourself
  • The BEWARE plan
  • Street ”smartz” and awareness
  • Pre-planning and preparing
  • Recognizing and avoiding trouble
  • The importance of the Lizard Brain (you’ll find out in the seminar)
  • Becoming a Sheep Dog !!
  • De-escalating situations
  • Simple physical defensive techniques if all else fails

The seminar will be led by Ken Craig, who is a Grand Master ranked martial artist with more than twenty-five years of combined martial arts experience.  Ken is also one of the original founding members of Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) and holds the Vice Chair position with CCOP as well as serves as their Director of Volunteer Training and Emergency Services Liaison.

This event is a fundraiser for MCCSF hosted by Castro Community on Patrol, sponsored by MCCSF, and coordinated by Brian Stevens, Board of Directors.

Suggested Minimum Donation: $25.
No one turned away for lack of funds
To register for this event, navigate to the MCC Web site.
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