08/26 “Patriot Prayer” Event – What You Can Do To Help

Most people are very much aware of the Patriot Prayer event scheduled to take place in Crissy Field on Saturday August 26 from 2 PM to 5 PM.  Labelled as a “hate speech group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, community concerns have been mounting following violence in Charlottesville, Virginia recently.

Crissy Field is located within the Federal Park Service jurisdiction and while they have approved a permit for the event, the decision to issue the permit and allow the event to move forward may not happen until Friday 08/25 according to Park Service representatives. Non the less, City Officials, Law Enforcement entities, and community organizers have been working to prepare for “the worst” while hoping for the best outcome, such as in Boston over the weekend.


  • We strongly recommend NOT going to Crissy Field to counter protest.  Working with many community leaders and organizations, as well as in consultation with the City and Police, we recommend that you instead attend one of the many Peace & Unity counter events which will take place in other parts of San Francisco.  This will allow Law Enforcement agencies to deal with the Patriot Prayer folks more easily should violence occur.
  • If you see anything which seems suspicious or activity which is racist, homophobic, violent etc. in the run up to Saturday or on Sunday, CALL 911 immediately and relate as much information as possible.  DON’T delay that call.
  • Capture video footage of any violent actions, threats, or incidents and contact your local Police station or the District Attorney’s office and offer to e-mail the video footage to them for evidentiary purposes.
  • DON’T engage in violence!!  This is precisely what these groups want to create.  Call 911 and step away as much as possible.  Allow the Police to hand the perpetrators, and hand them the video footage of the incident if you were able to capture anything.
  • BE SURE to let friends, visitors to San Francisco and so on know about the event and encourage them to avoid the Crissy Field and surrounding area entirely for the day.
  • Volunteer with one of the many counter events going on throughout the city on Saturday 08/26.
  • Volunteer with us as a Community Safety Volunteer (CSV) for the day.  You will work with our trained CCOP Patrollers as additional “eyes and ears” in the Castro to ensure no splinter groups or other opportunists come into the neighborhood to cause problems.  If we observe anything, we will contact 911 immediately.  (To volunteer send an e-mail to INFO@CastroPatrol.org)
  • Volunteer with groups working to promote diversity and equality after Saturday 08/26 as this may not be the last time such groups come to San Francisco.


Within the Castro we have worked with local businesses to place the signs below in their store-front windows.  This sends a clear message that the Castro is OPEN TO ALL, and we will not tolerate violence or hate filled speech from anyone.   These businesses also agree to provide a “safe space” for anyone in trouble. Simply step into any store with the sign and ask them to contact Police for you.

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