Preparing for COVID-19

What can you do to prepare for the possibility of needing to “shelter in place” in response to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 corona virus? Resilient Diamond Heights (one of the Neighborhood Empowerment Network local preparedness groups) has prepared five brochures for preparing households for various types of emergencies. The links for all 5 are listed below.

NOTE: The suggestion of storing water is based on the loss of water such as after an earthquake. While it’s okay to have some extra drinking water on hand, you probably DON’T need the ideal “Gallon Per Person Per Day”.

We suggest starting with the “Shelter” information, which includes lists for “Go Bags” and “Shelter Kits” if travel is restricted or “shelter in place” recommendations made. Then look at the “Food Safety” brochure, which suggests how to stockpile food that can keep you safe if you must stay hunkered down. While the “food” brochure focuses on safety during an extended loss of power, the information can provide ideas of the types of durable foods that have long shelf lives and require little or no cooking. The brochure suggests a 5-day supply following an earthquake, but you may want to store enough for 2 weeks of “self-quarantine” situations since COVID-19 is assumed to have a 14-day window after exposure before symptoms appear.

The other brochures (evacuation, heat waves and sanitation) may not be directly applicable in this instance, but are helpful for preparing for many types of extreme conditions.

NOTE: The PDF versions linked below are designed for printed versions where both sides of a single page are used. This means that the first page includes pages 1 and 4, and the second page include pages 2 and 3 when reading on-screen.

Shelter In Place: Shelter Plans
Food Safety: Food Safety
Evacuation: Evacuation Plans
Sanitation: Sanitation without Water
Heat Disasters Without Air Conditioning: Heat Emergencies

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