Volunteer Sign Up

Minimum requirements for CCOP Patrol Volunteers are:

  1. You must live, work or regularly visit San Francisco, California in order to become a Patrol volunteer with us.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older (no upper limit applies)
  3. You must be able to comply with our CCOP Volunteer Code of Conduct & Ethical Principles Policy
  4. You may not have been convicted of a Felony, or a violence or theft related misdemeanor.
  5. You must be able to walk continuously for up to 3 hours
  6. You must be able to hold a cell phone, radio, and flashlight
  7. You must have a good enough command of English in order to communicate with emergency dispatchers, emergency responders and members of the public

If you meet the above requirements, please pre-register to join our next Patrol Volunteer basic training class shown below.

(NOTE: You are NOT committed to patrolling by attending any of our training classes.  We certainly hope you will, but patrolling is certainly not for everyone and we understand that.  The best patrollers, are those who want to be there for the right reasons.)

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