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Chase Bank - Community Room
2112 15th Street

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Stop the Violence

WANTED by law enforcement

SFPD Cold Cases

Crime Stats

Whistle Safe

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S.F.P.D. Cold Cases

WANTED By Law Enforcement

Crime Stats

Knowing what crimes are occurring in the neighborhood, where they are occurring and at what times they tend to occur is an essential part of addressing and mitigating criminal activity.  CCOP aids the community in this area by partnering with other organizations and providing links to on-line information that you may find useful.

We work closely with the San Francisco District Attorney, the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco Patrol Special Police, Safety Awareness For Everyone, private security, community organizations, business organizations, neighborhood watch programs and individual residents and visitors to provide information and guidance on current crime trends and some concepts and ideas to help mitigate or eliminate such threats.

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Castro Community On Patrol - Post Patrol Reports

All CCOP patrols produce a "post patrol" report which lists their actions or responses throughout the duration of their patrol period. These reports can provide a useful insight for the public to know "what is going on" and also "where and when it happens."


CCOP Post Patrol Reports 2018

CCOP Post Patrol Reports 2017

CCOP Post Patrol Reports 2016

CCOP Post Patrol Reports 2015


Community Patrol USA Gold StarCommunity Patrol Service - Crime Activity Reports

Community Patrol Service (USA) is a non-profit organization that works to enhance existing and deploy new safety and security initiatives to assist neighborhoods. Working with Federal and local law enforcement as well as governmental, community and neighborhood organizations.

CPS produces a monthly Crime Activity Report covering the Castro and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods as listed below.


2019 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2018 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2017 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2016 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2015 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2014 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2013 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2012 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports

2011 Castro & Duboce Triangle Crime Activity Reports



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Federal Bureau of Investigations Uniform Crime Report

The Federal Bureau of Investigations Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program was conceived in 1929 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to meet a need for reliable, uniform crime statistics for the nation. In 1930, the FBI was tasked with collecting, publishing, and archiving those statistics. Today, several annual statistical publications, such as the comprehensive Crime in the United States, are produced from data provided by nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies across the United States.Follow this link to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting page

SFPD StarSan Francisco Police Department CompStat Reports

The SFPD produce weekly Computerized Statistics reports broken down by crime type and division.  You can view this information on-line at the SFPD web site.Follow this link to the SFPD web site CompStat page

The SFPD provides information to the CrimeMapping application which allows users to view crime incidents within a specified area and date range on a visual map interface.  The system allows a great deal of flexibility in date range, location and type of crime options.  You can also sign up to receive daily e-mails for a specific designated area within the City and Country of San Francisco, and some other police departments around the country.Follow this link to the SFPD CrimeMapping application

The SFPD provides Uniform Crime Reporting statistics on an annual basis which allows users to view standardized crime category annual figures on a year by year basis.  This is the same reporting that is provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for their Department of Justice U.S. Uniform Crime Report.Follow this link to the SFPD Uniform Crime Report page

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