We wanted to let you know about a very special 50% discount on a course of self-defense training being offered by Impact Bay Area.   As we always tell attendees in our self-defense classes, you can NEVER have too much knowledge, information or too many training opportunities.


The offer: 50% off class registration from today until 4/1/15 with code CCOP50.


About LGBTQ Basics: Impact Bay Area is dedicated to providing personal safety skills and confidence to our students, particularly those who are most at risk of being seen as a “target.” The LGBTQ class was developed studying attacks that commonly occur against this community, and effective skills for self-defense in those scenarios. We also explore issues related to fear and violence in society, and students have an opportunity to create custom fight scenarios. Our instructors provide an inclusive, safe and supportive environment for students to learn these valuable techniques and to develop confidence in their abilities. Our goal is for our students be safer and stronger in the world. The class is open to adults of all sexual orientation and gender identities.

Link to register: https://www.impactbayarea.org/ya_course


Note: We do have scholarships and flexible payment plans available for individuals who want to take the class but need financial assistance. Please contact dani@impactbayarea.org for more information.




Please contact Impact Bay Area with any specific course or pricing questions.