Building Safer Neighborhoods by Collaborating on Community Safety and Security

Community Patrol Service (CPS) is a not for profit, entirely volunteer run, organization that seeks to build comprehensive collaborative efforts on safety and security between residents, businesses, private security and law enforcement agencies. We also support and assist in the development of Community Walking Patrols and advocate for general safety and security measures at the neighborhood, city, state and national level.

CPS developed the original training model for Castro Community On Patrol, and we remain a Brother/Sister organization to CCOP, continuing to provide training and resources to that program.

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We promote and provide information and assistance in the deployment of 6 major program initiatives:

  1. Community WATCH Program (CWP)
  2. Crime ACTIVITY Reporting (CAR)
  3. Crime ALERT System (CAS)
  4. Community On PATROL Service (COPS)
  5. Community SAFETY Collaborative (CSC)
  6. Community EDUCATION Outreach (CEO)

Contact us at for more details or information, or to seek our participation and support if you seek to establish a COPS group in your neighborhood or community.



Our Community Watch Program (CWP) program offers information, guidance, support, and resources to assist neighborhoods in establishing a “neighborhood / community watch” program by recruiting neighbors and businesses, and sharing information and concerns.  This is the basic level of community safety and security and all neighborhoods should have a functioning and effective Watch Program.


Our Crime Activity Report (CAR) program works with local and regional law enforcement to access crime and prosecution data targeted to specific neighborhoods / communities on a regular basis i.e. weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc.  Through effective tracking of actual crime activity, and making this information readily accessible, communities can better assess their relative risks and what mitigation steps they wish to deploy in response.


Our Crime ALERT System (CAS) program is designed to push an email ALERT to advise members of critical crime incidents and offer advice and guidance related to the crime incident.  In most cases, these ALERT messages will be sent within hours of the incident occurring.


Our Community On Patrol Service (COPS) program provides information, guidance, and support to cities, municipalities, neighborhoods, and communities to assist them in developing a local Community On Patrol Service walking safety patrol with volunteers.  We offer on-going training, certification, and equipment recommendations to make all COPS groups as effective as possible.

We have successfully worked with numerous communities and police entities around the world, to assist them in developing their own unique COPS programs, including:

  1. Citizens on Patrol, New Zealand
  2. Copenhagen Police Department, Copenhagen, Netherlands
  3. Stonewall Patrol, San Diego, California, USA
  4. Q Patrol, Portland, Oregon, USA
  5. Oakland Police Department, Oakland, California, USA
  6. Diamond Area Residents, Oakland, California, USA
  7. North and East Patrol, Richmond, California, USA
  8. San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco, California, USA
  9. Castro Community On Patrol, San Francisco, California, USA
  10. Haight Ashbury Community, San Francisco, California, USA
  11. Glen Park Community, San Francisco, California, USA
  12. Tenderloin Community, San Francisco, California, USA
  13. South Beach Community, San Francisco, California, USA
  14. Duboce Triangle Community, San Francisco, California, USA
  15. South of Market (SOMA) Community, San Francisco, California, USA
  16. Northern Constabulary, Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  17. Tiburon Community, Tiburon, California, USA
  18. Leather / BDSM Community, South of Market (SOMA), San Francisco, California, USA
  19. Marina Community, San Francisco, California, USA
  20. Chinatown Community, San Francisco, California, USA


Our Community Safety Collaborative (CSC) program works to develop, encourage, and promote two-way communication between communities and the governmental agencies and departments who serve them, including Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Public Prosecutors, FBI, DHS, USSS, and so on. This “open highway” of information helps to make everyone aware of challenges, threats, and problems, as well as opportunities available and perhaps grants that may be accessible.

We have established and maintained support for community groups to assist them in deploying their own CSC program including:

  1. South Beach / Rincon Hill / Mission Bay Neighborhoods, San Francisco, California, USA
  2. East Cut Neighborhood, San Francisco, California, USA


Our CEO program provides specific lecture-based and hands-on based training in a number of safety topics throughout the year.  We can also respond to specific requests for the provision of classes when appropriate.  Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like to secure a training opportunity for your facility or organization (typically a minimum of 20 class participants would be required.)

Chief Ken Craig


Castro Community On Patrol (Castro Patrol / CCOP) is a California nonprofit volunteer safety patrol and education corporation that focuses on enhancing safety and security of the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco for residents, businesses, employees, and visitors.



Castro Community On Patrol, 584 Castro Street #731, San Francisco, CA 94114

Federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation Tax ID: 99-1829349