From The Perspective Of Our Patroller Volunteers

Our PATROL DIVISION is one of our key program elements that tasks and coordinates most of our volunteers time and effort.  As the SAFETY of our Patroller volunteers is of paramount importance to us, our Patrol Division has a very clearly defined and structure to provide the appropriate level of training, supervision, support, and growth to all of our Patrol volunteers.

All Patroller volunteers begin at the TRAINEE level, and work their way up the ranks by taking additional training, passing additional certifications, and dedicating time and commitment to the Patrol overall.

TRAINEE Patrollers read a training manual, then participate in a two-hour on-line training session with our training staff. Once certified as a Trainee Patroller (TPtlr.) they are authorized to join our Patrols and Special Events under the supervision of a Senior Patroller (SPtlr.) or our Chiefs of Patrol.  Trainee Patrollers must complete four supervised Patrols or Special Events and receive the approval of the CCOP Director of Training in order to advance to full PATROLLER rank.

PATROLLER ranked volunteers may self-assign to available patrols and special events, and they have FREE access to all of our additional training and certification classes held throughout each year.

SENIOR PATROLLER ranked volunteers must be approved to advance by the CCOP Director of Training and must have completed at least six months of concurrent service and a minimum of 12 Patrol Credits in order to apply for rank advancement.  Senior Patrollers (SPtlr.) undertake independent study with a training manual and then a three-hour in-person training class in order to be graded and considered for advancement.


Ptrl. L. Robertshaw, CCOP

Joined CCOP in April of 2024, Class of #083


I’m a long-time resident in the Castro. I’m very proud of our lovely, diverse neighborhood. Before I officially became a volunteer with  Castro Community on Patrol (CCOP), I’ve frequently helped lost tourists navigate their way through our vibrant community, ensuring they felt welcomed and safe. During the Pandemic, I felt called to distribute water, flashlights, and bananas to the homeless, offering these essential items along with a friendly smile and a listening ear. These small acts of kindness were my way of contributing to the well-being of our neighborhood, fostering a sense of community and care during challenging times. For me, compassionate service is the most important part of being Catholic.

Joining CCOP was a natural progression of my efforts. I took the CCOP beginners self-defense class, and I was truly impressed! The trainers and volunteers I encountered within the organization are nothing short of amazing. Their knowledge, compassion, joy, and engagement are truly inspiring. They bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to making the Castro a safer and more connected place.

The comprehensive training we receive covers a wide range of skills, from conflict de-escalation to emergency response, ensuring that we are well-prepared to handle any situation that might arise.

The camaraderie and mutual support among the volunteers create a strong sense of community and shared purpose.

I am incredibly proud to be a member of this wonderful organization. Volunteering with CCOP has allowed me to expand my impact and contribute to the community in a more structured and effective way. It has been a profoundly rewarding experience, both in terms of personal growth and in the positive difference we make in the lives of others. Through our collective efforts, we enhance the safety, inclusivity, and overall well-being of the Castro neighborhood. Being part of CCOP has reinforced my belief in the power of community action and the importance of showing compassion and kindness to everyone we encounter.



Castro Community On Patrol (Castro Patrol / CCOP) is a California nonprofit volunteer safety patrol and education corporation that focuses on enhancing safety and security of the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco for residents, businesses, employees, and visitors.



Castro Community On Patrol, 584 Castro Street #731, San Francisco, CA 94114

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