Our Castro “Guardian Angels”

Sadly, when you have been serving the community and public as long as we have, losing beloved colleagues and fellow Patrollers is inevitable. While they may be physically gone from sight, they forever remain in our hearts and in our thoughts.

We consider these to be our Castro “Guardian Angels.”  Those who continue to Patrol with us, continue to look over us, and continue to protect us and the neighborhood they loved so much.


San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officer Jane Warner

End of Watch:  SATURDAY MAY 08, 2010

“Just Jane” as she would often tell people, Officer Warner was a long-time Patrol Special Police Officer in the Castro neighborhood and a well recognized and beloved community policing figure to all.

Beginning her career as a deputy sheriff in Hawaii in 1983, she later became an undercover Officer with the Honolulu Police Department. Officer Warner moved to California and joined the San Anselmo Police Department in 1991. In 1993 Officer Warner was hired by the San Francisco Patrol Special Police to work the Castro, Noe Valley, and Mission beats. Officer Warner was an extremely well known, respected, and loved member of Law Enforcement and the Castro neighborhood. Throughout her 20-years of service in the Castro as a Patrol Special Police Officer, she was honored with many commendations from the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, the San Francisco Police Commission, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the California Senate, and many merchants.

Officer Warner was a vital initial supporter of Castro Community On Patrol, walking the beat with us during our first few formative months of the Patrol, and providing critical insight into the neighborhood, the characters, and the things to look for. Our respect for Officer Warner was unbounded, and she in return always looked forward to those evenings and special events when our Patrol volunteers would be working alongside her.

Officer Warner’s legacy is long-lasting as the pedestrian plaza on the North East corner of Castro and Market Streets was named in her honor three years after her passing, Jane Warner Plaza. A bronze plaque memorializes in the Plaza memorializes the huge contribution Officer Warner made to the community.


San Francisco Patrol Special Police Officer John Fitzinger

End of Watch:  FRIDAY OCTOBER 06, 2017

Officer Fitzinger took over the Castro Patrol Special Police beat following the death of Patrol Special Police Officer Jane Warner, and was eventually successful in purchasing the beat following approval by the Police Commission from former beat owner Serge White.

Officer Fitzinger was a retired Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff when he joined the ranks of the San Francisco Patrol Special Police and the Castro, Noe Valley, Mission beat.  Officer Fitzinger was an amazing community Police Officer, committed and dedicated to absolutely everyone in the Castro, and everyone who visited the Castro.

CCOP worked very closely with Officer Fitzinger and relied heavily upon his experience, knowledge, and on more that one occasion, his back-up and support when we were on patrol.  John always brought a sense of calm and professionalism to every situation.

We, and the entire Castro community, will greatly miss this incredible Officer and friend.


CCOP Patroller Patrick Dillane

End of Watch:  MAY, 2018

We were extremely saddened to learn of the death of our regular Patroller and friend Patrick Dillane.

Patroller Patrick Dillane, shown 3rd from the left in the photo to the left. We will miss Patrick’s Irish charm, wit, and jokes, as well as his regular and indefatigable support of CCOP.



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