Knowledge is power and our safety information brochures covering a range of different topics is intended to provide you with some general guidance on keeping yourself, your family and your loves ones safe and out of harms way as much as possible.  Feel free to download and share the brochures and information listed on this page with anyone you think may benefit from the information.


We strongly recommend that EVERYONE undertake some self-defense training, either through regular martial arts classes, or through independent self-defense courses provided by many groups and entities.  In our opinion, you can NEVER have too much knowledge, but you can DEFINITELY have too little when the proverbial “chips are down.”  For this reason we recommend that you participate in as many self-defense classes, as many safety meetings, and as many training options as possible.  You just never know when that information or awareness may just be critical to you or your loved ones.

Recognizing how important self-defense training is, CCOP provides training and information FREE to all who wish to participate.  Our classes are designed to be low impact, fun and information packed.  They are open to everyone, 18 years and older with no upper age limit.  We can provide classes for specific groups, and we can address specific concerns such groups may have, but our general philosophy is that the techniques we teach much be applicable and effective for anyone from and eight year old, to an eighty plus year old.

The full course of classes covers:

  • SD-1:  Beginners self-defense introductory course – 3 hours (low impact)
  • SD-2: Seated and grounded defensive techniques and concepts (SD1 is a prerequisite to participate in this class)
  • SD-3: Grabs, holds and kidnap defensive techniques and concepts (SD1 & SD2 are a prerequisite to participate in this class)
  • SD-4: Sexual assault and domestic violence defensive techniques and concepts  (SD1, SD2 & SD3 are a prerequisite to participate in this class)
  • SD-5: Weapons defensive techniques and concepts  (SD1, SD2 & SD3 are a prerequisite to participate in this class)
  • SD-6: Multiple attackers defensive techniques and concepts  (SD1, SD2 & SD3 are a prerequisite to participate in this class)

Our SD-1 class is a very low impact class and is suitable for everyone. All other classes are more physically involved and more challenging mentally and physically as the class content implies.

Our next SD-1 Beginners Self-Defense Class is scheduled for:

  • No classes are currently pre-scheduled.

Contact us at if you would like to arrange a class for your group.  We typically require a minimum of 10 attendees at any class.


Active Shooter Training Classes 

We offer specialized training in “Active Shooter” concepts and skills to individuals, corporations and community organizations.

This training includes a general “Active Shooter” class for all community members, and a specialized “Active Shooter – Terrorist Incident –  Event Protection” class for clubs, bars, businesses, and event organizers.

Contact us at to discuss your specific needs.


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