Event Protection Basic Training Class

Event Protection Basic Training Class 

Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) in association with our safety partner Community Patrol Service (CPS) offers our very instructive two-hour EVENT PROTECTION basic training class.

The LGBTQ+ community is always a likely target of violence from many factions in society today, and as history has clearly shown, mass casualty events are something all Organizations, Businesses, Bars, Clubs, and Events should consider, plan around, prepare for, and in the worst case scenario, be ready to respond to.

We have developed this classroom lecture formatted introduction to the concepts of planning and preparing for the possibility of an  emergency or incident at community events, rallies, and street fairs in close collaboration with the F.B.I., Department of Homeland Security, Urban Areas Security Initiative, San Francisco Police Department, and the San Francisco Fire Department.

The training will introduce safety and security concepts and recommend some simple steps for you, your staff, and the overall community to consider for normal day to day operations, and when hosting larger community or neighborhood events. This training is particularly focused on event organizers, event staff, and event safety and security personnel. The concepts are “scalable” for your own particular needs, and additional training and materials to supplement the in-class training can be recommended or provided.

Our training has been recognized and honored by the FBI who awarded us their 2014 Community Leadership award and by the City and County of San Francisco in a ceremony attended by Mayor London Breed, Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, and Chief Bill Scott of the San Francisco Police Department. Also present was Special Agent in Charge Robert Tripp of the FBI San Francisco Office.



Our BASIC 2-hour class will discuss general awareness, developing a Risk Assessment protocol, creating an Emergency Response Plan, preparing and hardening your event, effective training for staff members, coordination and cooperation with law enforcement at all levels, responding effectively during an incident or threat, and post incident recovery.



Chief Ken Craig is head of the Community Patrol Service (CPS) which provides training and assistance to safety organizations worldwide. He is a member of the International Police Association and is one of the original founding members of Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP.) He currently serves as the Community Co-Chair on the SFPD LGBTQ+  Advisory Forum and previously helped to found and lead the SFPD Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) for eight years.

Chief Craig is also Grand Master Ken Craig, a 9th Degree Black Belt in the Korean Arts of HapMoosaKi-Do and YongChul-Do and an 8th Degree Black Belt in the Koran Art of TaeKwon-Do. He is Secretary on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Martial Artists and serves on the Sports Committee of the Federation of Gay Games. Grand Master Craig founded and led the nonprofit Triangle Martial Arts Association (TMAA) in 1998 following the horrific murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard, providing free and low cost traditional martial arts training and self-defense classes for the LGBTQ+ community in the Castro, throughout San Francisco, and beyond.  TMAA trained hundreds of students during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and saw more than thirty rise to 1st Degree Black Belt rank and a few going beyond this to Master level during this time.  TMAA closed during the world housing financial crisis but Grand Master Craig continues to lead self-defense and other community safety training classes through Castro Community On Patrol and other community organizations.

Chief and Grand Master Craig has extensive experience in the public safety and disaster response areas, and is recognized as a leader and community activist in this area within San Francisco and the Castro neighborhood.



COMMUNITY focused classes will take place in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, partnering with various suitable training spaces.  These classes are promoted through our website and social media platforms and cost $30/attendee (accommodations can be made for low-income individuals upon request.)

NONPROFIT organizations may book a private training class at their own facility on a mutually agreed date and time.  Private nonprofit classes are $60/attendee with an initial non refundable deposit of $600 required to secure the training date.

FOR PROFIT organizations may book a private training class at their own facility on a mutually agreed date and time. Private for profit classes are $100/attendee with an initial non refundable deposit of $1,000 required to secure the training date.


Castro Community On Patrol (Castro Patrol / CCOP) is a California nonprofit volunteer safety patrol and education corporation that focuses on enhancing safety and security of the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco for residents, businesses, employees, and visitors.



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