We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, fun, and memorable San Francisco PRIDE 2018.

Around one Million people will swell San Francisco over this weekend to celebrate Pride, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality, culminating in the annual San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday 06/24/2018.  Whether you are out clubbing, sight-seeing, walking in the Parade or simply spectating, we’d like to offer some basic safety reminders that are important at ANY time of the year, but they are particularly relevant at this time of year.

  • Try to “buddy up” when going to, and from, events. There is greater safety in numbers. If you don’t have anyone available to go with, then consider using car services such as taxi’s, Uber, Lyft, Homobiles and so on.  Better to pay for a safe ride to and from an event, than pay in injuries or worse.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at ALL TIMES no matter where you are.  If something doesn’t seem right, look right, smell right, appear right, then avoid it or run away from it if necessary.
  • DON’T take ALL of your worldly possessions out to party with you.  Just take what you absolutely need i.e. your ID, one credit card, and some back-up cash.  The less you have with you, the less you can lose no matter how that loss occurs.
  • Have FUN, but don’t get so inebriated with any substance that your guard and defenses are weakened and you become an easy target.  If that is “your thing” do it in the safety of your home, or be sure you have some good buddies with you to make sure you get safety back home.
  • If you are lucky enough to meet a “hot trick” this weekend, snap a photo of them and send it to a trusted ‘buddy” letting them know where you’re going and when you’ll contact them to let them know you’re ok (plus all the gory details of the encounter.) If you go to a new strangers home or hotel, send you “buddy” those details also.  Do the same for your “buddy” and everyone should be just a little safer out there.
  • If you have a vehicle, or if you’re planning on driving to events over this weekend, please DON’T leave ANYTHING of value in your vehicle you’re not willing to lose if someone break in.  It’s best to leave NOTHING at all in your vehicle.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid getting into verbal arguments with ANYONE. They can quickly escalate to physical fights and that could totally ruin your whole fabulous weekend.  Walk away, say sorry, do anything you can to de-escalate any situations so you can enjoy the weekend.
  • Text PRIDESF to 888-777 to receive alerts from the ALERTSF sytem over Pride weekend.
  • If you see ANYTHING suspicious or a crime in progress, call 911 right away.  Don’t presume “someone” else will call.  Your call could literally save a life.
  • You can also provide anonymous tips to SFPD by calling 415-575-4444.
  • Check out some SFPD safety information here https://vimeo.com/274137769

From your friends at Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP). Proudly serving the community since 2006.  Please feel free to share this as widely as possible with your family, friends, and loved ones.