Seconds can literally mean the difference between life, and death, when someone is experiencing a heart-attack, and Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AED) can provide critical support in some of these cases until professional paramedics arrive.  AED units analyze the electronic heart rhythm of a patient to determine if the heart is functioning properly.  When necessary, the AED can provide a controlled shock of electricity to help restore normal hearth rhythm, and this can offer critical minutes of care that can help save someone’s life.  When heart attacks strike, every second of effective care provided to the patient will have a significant impact on their long-term recovery, and AED units are a vital tool in that time period.

CCOP is dedicated to improving the overall safety of the Castro neighborhood in as many tangible ways as possible, so in support of these goals we have purchased and installed two AED units for use by the public when necessary at two key locations with the Castro with the support and assistance of the retail owners where they are located.  These two units will supplement the third AED unit which CCOP provided to our regular Patrol Special Police beat vehicle.  CCOP will maintain these units and provide training for key staff members in First Aid, CPR, and AED use.


Orphan Andy’s Restaurant, located at 3991  17th Street, close to the Castro and Market intersection hosts one of our AED units. The restaurant is open 24/7 which offers ready access to the AED if needed by our CCOP Patrollers, or by restaurant staff or members of the public.


Oz Pizza restaurant, located at 508 Castro Street, close to the Castro and 18th Street intersection hosts another of our AED units.  The restaurant is open until midnight which offers ready access to the AED if needed by our CCOP Patrollers, or by restaurant staff or members of the public.

AED units are amazing medical devices which can literally save a life, yet, they are also very simple to use as they issue audio commands as soon as they are turned on, walking the user through the necessary steps to use the device.  Of course, anyone using the AED must also be trained and fully certified in First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), as CPR is often required and called for by the AED unit.  CCOP will provide annual training and certification for staff members at both locations, with CCOP covering the costs to ensure the AED units can be used effectively should the need ever arise.

“We are extremely fortunate that professional medical care is typically only five to fifteen minutes away in most places in San Francisco,” noted CCOP Chief of Patrol, Greg Carey.  “With that said though, beginning immediate CPR and using an AED within the first few minutes of heart attack, before professional responders arrive on scene to take over, can have a profound impact on survivability for the patient.  By providing these AED units and the training to use them, we are helping to make the Castro just a little safer.”


CCOP Chief of Patrol, Greg Carey installing one of the AED units.

“We are very grateful to Orphan Andy’s and Oz Pizza for their eagerness to join us in this safety effort for the neighborhood.” Chief Carey added.