HandUp.US Helps The Homeless Of San Francisco & We Love It

Have you ever walked by a homeless person on the street and wanted to help them with money or food, but felt concerned that the money may be used inappropriately or the food may be rejected?  Most of us have been in this situation, and many choose to walk on by or donate on-line only to the many quality groups working with the homeless and permanent home challenged.

HandUp.US is unique in that it allows you to specify a specific homeless individual to receive the benefits of your donations, and the site identifies what the individual is seeking funding for.  Sometimes it is basic clothing, or warmer or waterproof clothing. Sometimes it is medical needs such as eye glasses or dentures or medicine itself.  Other times it may be access to a computer, or a backpack to keep their belongings safer etc. These individuals live right here, in San Francisco, and most are even identified by the neighborhood they typically are known in.

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HandUp is a direct giving system where 100% of your donations go directly to the individual you specify, or you can elect to donate non-specifically in which case the organization will determine how to distribute your funding most effectively. Your donations go into the HandUp homeless clients account.  Homeless members can then use those funds as credit against their food, clothing and medical care needs through the organizations partner, Project OpenHand.

This is a fantastic way to provide support and much needed funding to the homeless in general, or to a specific homeless individual in your own neighborhood, and the funds can never be spent on illegal drugs or alcohol etc, so you know every dollar is being used for benefit and for good.

CCOP is proud to support and recommend HandUp as a positive way to significantly help the homeless of San Francisco in a truly uplifting and secure way.  Check out their site today, and consider making a donation.

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