SAFE Bikes Program Kicks Off At San Francisco City Hall

More than 4,000 bicycles were stolen throughout San Francisco in 2012.  Police recovered 864 bicycles in that same year, but were only successful in returning 142 of those to their rightful owners.  The others, and many more since then, remain in the S.F.P.D. storage facility as their rightful owners have not come forward, or there is no identification marks which can be used to determine rightful ownership.



In recognizing this significant challenge, San Francisco Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) launched their SAFE Bikes program, to register every bike in San Francisco for FREE.  Once registered, owners will receive a unique identification non-removable ID tag to add to the frame of their bike.  In the event their bike is found or recovered by police, the ID tag will allow police to quickly notify the rightful owner and hopefully return the property.

The registration program was developed by the Park Station Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) and SAFE in collaboration with the SFPD.  The program will also provide additional information for bike owners including safer locking techniques and safe riding tips.

The SAFE Bikes program will be officially launched on the steps of San Francisco City Hall at noon on February 13, 2014.  All bicycle owners are encourage to attend and register their bikes at the event.

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